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Why Majiska for Social Media Marketing?

Home to the best social media advertising specialists.

Any business that advertises on social media platforms has the ability to invest in technology. Technology is just as successful as the people who make it work for it. At our Kuala Lumpur headquarters, we're constantly building up both our team and our technology. Unwaveringly. The very best social media experts. With the access to the latest technologies.

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Our approach to social media advertising.


Weltrade offers a wide range of competitive trading instruments - including foreign exchange, commodities and digital currencies.

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case study of Weltrade
case study of Weltrade
  • 46%

    Remarkable increase in Return of Ads Spend (ROAS), year on year

  • 56%

    Increase in daily website users, year on year

  • 146%

    Increase in overall user registration , year on year

Transparency and accountability.

We make no attempt to hide ourselves behind social media metrics.

Our agency's social media analytics experts use different metrics in order to evaluate campaign effectiveness and success. But all that really matters is the ROI, and your bottom line. That, you can leave them to us.

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The benefits of smart social media advertising.

A business's Facebook, Twitter, and other social media advertising campaign can be created by any marketing agency. With our data-driven approach and experienced consultants, we craft data-backed plans and winning campaigns that bring us real results. Observable outcomes In terms of the bottom line

  • Persuade on every social media site
  • Boost brand recognition and traffic on your website
  • Attract highly specific audiences
  • Benefit from your advertising investment to the fullest extent possible.
  • Easily integrate with other forms of digital marketing
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Choosing a reputable social advertising partner.

Social media ads will help you build brand recognition, increase website traffic, and ultimately boost your bottom line. And if they aren't managed correctly, it can be an immense waste of time and marketing budget. Consider the following when hiring a social media advertising firm or consultant:

Are we the right social ad agency for you?

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