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Specialize in point-to-point, digital marketing actions driven by data with the sole purpose of improving your business - a predictable and replicable business growth.

A dinosaur

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There are huge opportunities to be captured online, and making your way through the digital marketing landscape may always feel like you're stuck in a labyrinth packed with technical buzzwords, vague markers, and questionable tactics. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to be your compass. A Kuala Lumpur-based digital marketing strategist, not just another "digital marketing agency." By analysing your current situation we examine your options and implement the point-to-point strategy. But mostly, we get there by listening. To you, your data and your customers

Let me get back to you tomorrow'. I still remember the quote that he said after our first meeting. I was sceptical at first, but Bestari and the team surprised us with detailed possible solutions we could go with for each stages of our business to ensure our online success. Very thorough and solid, we look forward to working with them again

Kenneth L, Head of Marketing, DECATHLON AU.


Weltrade offers a wide range of competitive trading instruments - including foreign exchange, commodities and digital currencies.

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case study of Weltrade
case study of Weltrade
  • 46%

    Remarkable increase in Return of Ads Spend (ROAS), year on year

  • 56%

    Increase in daily website users, year on year

  • 146%

    Increase in overall user registration , year on year

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