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How did we achieve mastery of the science of Search Engine Marketing? Inquire with our Google Premier Partner-certified experts at our Kuala Lumpur agency's headquarters.

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Why Majiska for Search Engine Marketing?

Home to the best Search Engine Marketing specialists

We pride ourselves on our Google Ad certified professionals. Our Google-accredited Ads experts are equipped with the most advanced technology that enables us to offer - and you to have - greater advertising potential.

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Our approach to Search Engine Marketing.


Weltrade offers a wide range of competitive trading instruments - including foreign exchange, commodities and digital currencies.

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case study of Weltrade
case study of Weltrade
  • 46%

    Remarkable increase in Return of Ads Spend (ROAS), year on year

  • 56%

    Increase in daily website users, year on year

  • 146%

    Increase in overall user registration , year on year

Transparency and accountability.

Goal and results you can see in your bottom line.

Visibility and CTR aren't our only results; there's a target; both offer visible commercial and financial as well as well as monetary returns. Our team in Kuala Lumpur will boost your business return on investment by improving the advertising efficiency further.

Performance you can monitor yourself.

Data and analytics are at the soul of our digital marketing scientific approach. With a ROI calculator and Performance Forecasting Tool, our performance tracking platform brings leading analytics into your fingertips and provides complete transparency for Google Ads.

Better technology, better data, and better outcomes.

Our Google Ads specialists will give you a deeper understanding of the market by utilising the best artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, predictive data analysis and process automation. And deeper, more accurate insights lead to better campaign results and more rewarding ROI.

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The benefits of smart Search Engine Marketing management.

Our proprietary data-driven Google Ads approach blends the best advertising minds and cutting-edge technology to achieve superior performance across the board.

  • Attract a wide audience
  • Stay ahead of of your competitors
  • Increase the number of eligible leads created
  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Complement the latest digital and conventional advertising efforts
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The importance of a reputable Search Engine Marketing partner.

Google Ads campaign management that is intelligent, scientific, and ethical is critical if you want to maximise your budget and improve your online reputation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ads in their most basic form show up at the top of search engines such as Google or Bing's search results. Also, for example, if you were to search for “Search Engine Marketing Kuala Lumpur,” your top four listings will contain Google Ads-related advertising with a smaller “Ad” logo will appear in the place next four lines of results. PPC advertising is also known as Pay Per Click since advertisers only pay when someone clicks on the ad.

    The order of these ads is based on the factors in-multiple processes, which is affected by many variables that are measured during each and every search. The prime factors are:A) The cost per click you're willing to pay;B) The level of your search relevancy of your advertisement and web page.

    Additionally, this calculation is affected by variables such as page load speed and the number of times your ad has been clicked previously.

    The advertisements can appear in several different forms, including phone numbers, specials, and images of the specific products. The variations here are affected by various Ad Extensions and different Ad Types, advertisers may aim for in order to catch searchers' attention.

  • Google has created a product that enables business owners to manage their own Google AdWords accounts. Although managing your own advertising account is not easy or convenient, it is possible. Many businesses that offer Google AdWords are unqualified to handle an advertiser's marketing expenditure.

    A good analogy would be for Accountants, being an accredited is a choice, not a requirement. Do you have the trust in giving someone control of your money to someone who has no qualification?

    Majiska’s status as a Google Premier Partner requires it to maintain annual certifications and qualifications. Additionally, Google supports and audits our Google Ads accounts on a continuous basis to ensure best practises are followed.

    Premier Partners also get access to excellent support and earlier access to new features, as well as regular training from Google, giving them an edge over their rivals.

  • There are many mechanisms employed by Google to protect against ad fraud, including results being altered based on a user's past search activities and behaviours. Of course, even with these protections in place, a malicious attacker is able to overcome these, which could cost advertisers a substantial amount of money from fraudulent clicks.

    Majiska uses a 3rd party app to personalise the security for each of our client's accounts as well to combat fraud. This software blocks users from seeing advertisements based on their behaviour and location. After implementation, we've recorded annual savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted clicks.

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