Google Mobile-First Tools & Resources

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The introduction of the Mobile-First Index has irreversibly altered the way Google crawls and indexes the site. This means that company owners and marketing managers must be more mobile-ready than ever before. Do you need assistance? The following is a list of the critical digital marketing strategies we use to keep our clients ahead of the competition.

Page Speed Tools

Page speed is a significant factor in Google’s Mobile-First Index; for more information, click here. These free tools analyse web pages and make recommendations about how to speed them up.

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool (Basic):

Additionally, Google Analytics users can view PageSpeed suggestions by visiting Behaviour > Site Speed > Speed Suggestions.

To conduct a Lighthouse speed audit:

  • In Google Chrome, open a web page.
  • To open Chrome DevTools, right-click on the page and choose ‘Inspect’.
  • Select the Audits menu item.

Metrix GT (Advanced)

Mobile-First Toolset

Want to stay a step ahead of your competitors? Try these mobile-first tools.

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